True efficiency doesn't come at the cost of compliance.
It's the result of it.

Transform your operations with the compliance and competency platform that ensures your procedures are managed, measured, and—most importantly—implemented.

Get insights on every employee's training, compliance, and competency. In real-time.

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Continuous Stakeholder Protection

Continuous Stakeholder Protection

Are You Protecting Your Stakeholders Interests As Well As You Could?

How confident are you that your company is continuously compliant and competent in the key areas that drive your business performance?


Leadership teams are often unaware of, or unable to see, the inherent exposures in their operations. This leads to an inability to distinguish key signals and act on them. Resulting in loss and inefficiencies that hit the bottom line.

Protect stakeholders by preventing incidents, accidents, costly mistakes, fines, negative public relations or worse...

With Sysmax you can ensure the right people do things right throughout your enterprise and your supply chain. This enables you to drive down costs, improve performance and protect stakeholders simultaneously.


With best practice compliance and competency captured and reported from the individual to the team, site, region and globe, Leadership has the oversight it needs.

Sysmax software breaks down company standards and links them to each role in the workplace, assuring correct deployment. Our platform ensures 24/7 compliance with company standards, health, safety, environmental and regulatory requirements. For assurance and proof of compliance, workers are reminded of key tasks in real time as they work. Simultaneously receiving best practice in any file format, including video, to ensure clear communication and rapid learning. Supported by evidence at the point of delivery of individual and team compliance.

Competencies are captured in the workplace as the work is performed and validation of performance is assured by line management.

"I was in constant fear of major incidents and potential legal charges due to failures beyond my control."

Peter McAteer

CEO Sysmax when Technical Director for five simultaneous international $multi-billion operations in high-risk environments

"I needed to know our international operations were competent and that we complied with local statutory requirements. Sysmax ensured I could sleep soundly at night."

Bruce Webb

VP Operations Neptune Energy

"We are required to prove compliance and competency to regulatory and internal auditors regularly. Sysmax has ensured we passed multiple audits with ease."

Engineering Manager Major Oil & Gas Company

Compliance & Operational Efficiency

Is your company as efficient as it could be? Is your efficiency improving?

Imagine how much more efficient your company would be if everyone consistently performed at the optimal level?


Industry has put huge investment into best practice documentation, training and development but commonly doesn’t have visibility of best practice application on a continuous basis. Forgetting curves prove that training learning fades quickly and best practice sits on servers, bookshelves and is often ignored.

As a result, performance is sub-optimal with bottom line impact daily. Sysmax improves efficiency by ensuring what gets measured, gets done.

Sysmax puts best practice in the hands of your teams at the point of action, driving efficiency and improving your bottom line.

Taking learning and compliance into the workplace on a continuous basis. Delivering consistent excellence.


Sysmax shows your staff what good looks like on any device, in any language, using any file type (Video / MS Office / other). With your best practice in bite size digital checks on compliance by role, product or process, the workforce is empowered to operate at their best. Enabling measurement and reporting of performance through KPIs. Capturing new best practices as they are created by your empowered personnel to ensure continuous improvement.

"Video evidence of new best practices created in China were shared globally in minutes."

Country Manager China

Major Food & Drink Company

"Sysmax is the standard by which others will be judged."
"An efficient operation is a safe one."

Health & Safety Government Inspector

Compliance & Operational Efficiency
Onboarding, Managing and Improving Competence

Onboarding, Managing and Improving Competence

Are you driving down the cost and time of training and upskilling?


As industry needs to achieve more with fewer personnel and replace those that have retired, the challenges are substantial.

Onboarding, upskilling and multi-skilling people has never been more necessary or more difficult. The only scalable solution is a digital one. Enabling your company to grow, more efficiently and more productively than ever before.

Sysmax enables you to efficiently deploy on-the-job training and best practice requirements in video and document form, on-the-job. Greatly reducing the time and cost of upskilling, multi-skilling, and empowering growth.

Sysmax enables individuals to meet current and future corporate needs, releasing the power of the workforce to drive performance improvement.


We digitally enable your best practices, training, and development information to be distributed across your regions, sites, teams, and individuals.

We enable delivery of best practice and training in the workplace. This provides compliance management whilst capturing skills, knowledge and experience which is validated by your existing management. KPI’s are monitored and reported to ensure continuous improvement across the enterprise.

Key areas for performance improvement can be simulated, tested, and certified. Adaptive learning techniques point to opportunities for learning improvement to enhance corporate performance.

"We achieved an 80% improvement in onboarding new hires during Covid-19."

Director global food and drink company

Gender Bias, Diversity & Inclusion

Does Your Company Truly Understand And Promote The Best People For The Role?

Are you using competency frameworks but still having the problems of gender, diversity and inclusion bias?


Bias is often accidental and unknown to companies. There is usually a lack of data to backup claims and suspicion can be damaging to morale and corporate performance.

By opening the curtains on expectations and career development within the company, we can lessen the tensions and place the best people in key positions.

Competency Frameworks fail to meet the level of integrity required but are a useful starting place to build a systematic approach to solving the challenges of bias in industry.

Only by thorough evaluation of skill, knowledge, experience, attitude, and manner, (competency), is it possible evaluate and deal with the issues that exist in most companies.

Simple tools which look at 1-5 rankings of skills are overly simplistic for the complexity of bias.

Sysmax has created a four-dimensional approach to ensure integrity of information and to enable robust evaluation is sensitive areas.

Sysmax levels any gender, diversity, and inclusion differences you may have by focusing on talent with systematic integrity.

With Sysmax you can engage the full capability within your company and increase the bottom line.


Sysmax shows your staff what good looks like on any device, in any language, using any file type (Video / MS Office / other). With your best practice in bite size digital checks on compliance by role, product or process, the workforce is empowered to operate at their best. Enabling measurement and reporting of performance through KPIs. Capturing new best practices as they are created by your empowered personnel to ensure continuous improvement.

"We didn't understand what was underpinning our gender pay gap until we used Sysmax systems."

Vice President

Global Energy Company

Gender Bias, Diversity & Inclusion
One System Solving Multiple Issues

One System Solving Multiple Issues

Does Your Company Suffer From Multiple Management Systems?

Do they fail to pull together the various operational and governance needs your company has in to one coherent report?


Many companies rely on each location or discipline to drive their own performance and lack the oversight of how each area is performing at team, site, regional, national, and global levels. Often data is held in multiple systems which don’t work together effectively.

Sysmax manages compliance, competency, and risk in one elegant system to reduce cost and improve efficiencies that lead to greater profit for our clients.

Sysmax leverages your existing management system whilst ensuring it is adhered to and continuously improved. Adding considerable value to the company whilst avoiding the cost of multiple tools.


Sysmax digitally deploys any best practice and any competency data, in any language, to ensure your company can simplify interfaces whilst dynamically engaging with your procedures and systems.

Our APIs link to existing enterprise management systems to deliver one version of the truth.

"Sysmax achieves what five of our existing tools do and does it better than all of them."

Head of Safety Major Renewable Energy Company

Supply Chain Management

Are you suffering the consequences of supplier failures to meet key criteria?

Most companies are highly dependent on the compliance of suppliers with best practice. Unfortunately, finding out too late when performance suffers, or incidents occur.


Almost all companies suffer suppliers’ failure to meet contract requirements, deliver to schedule or adhere to the standards required. This has multiple cost implications with additional audit requirements, operational delays, damage to reputation and loss of revenue.

What if you could see inside your suppliers’ compliance as the products and services are progressed to delivery?

Sysmax provides see-through supply chain compliance to avoid losses when clients receive products and services. Highlighting potential risks before they impact our clients operations while enabling remote auditing / reporting of key supplier parameters as they occur. Avoiding losses and assuring quality at reduced client cost.


By providing suppliers with access to our cloud-based solution our clients can ensure that suppliers comply with, and continuously report adherence to, best practice. Using video or documentary evidence as it happens, you can follow the journey to your satisfaction.

This approach enables the supplier to improve their performance whilst also improving your performance. (APIs can be provided which allow for systems integration where beneficial).

"Sysmax has reduced our exposure to supplier risk and brought us closer to our suppliers."

Supply Chain Manager

Construction Company

Supply Chain Management