Sysmax Compliance

Sysmax Compliance & Competency as a Service

We empower you to make sure your people are trained, safe and competent.

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Reflecting the truth of competency in your business

Casmax shines a spotlight on your team’s skills and experience

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Assesment and eLearning

Ensure improvement through simulation, testing and adaptive eLearning.

Sawmax enables performance checks and improvement in real-world situations

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Visual Compliance

Visualise compliance across your enterprise

Benchmax protects the business and stakeholders from non-compliance risks.

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Best practice. Skilled people. Every time.

If your organisation works in sectors where operational standards must be achieved and adhered to, then Sysmax is for you.

Unidentified compliance and skills gaps represent a risk and a loss of opportunity. Sysmax highlights those gaps, so you know if teams are following best practice, if workers are competent, and that you have minimised risk.

We have developed three products that deliver compliance management, competency management, and simulated testing. Together these tools let you know that the right people are doing things correctly, all the time. Our products are scalable and can be customised to deliver advanced solutions for organisations with complex needs.

Let us demonstrate how Sysmax will empower you to make sure your people are trained, safe and competent. And how we can help you improve performance throughout your organisation.

How sysmax can help

Sysmax products measure, compare and increase compliance with best practice, enhancing worker competency and improving performance across all business locations.

  • Benchmax – Compliance management. Monitors and reports on compliance against best practice, 24/7 – driving improvement and proving adherence to standards.
  • Casmax – Competency management. Allows workers to certify their skills, knowledge and experience of systems and processes within your business.
  • Sawmax – Improvement management. Online simulations and testing confirm staff competency and drive continuous development through eLearning.

Arrange a free demo today to learn about sector-leading Compliance as a Service (CaaS).

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Our Products

Drive continuous improvement through insight into compliance and competency with Sysmax.

Sysmax is trusted across the globe

Trusted by some of the world's largest companies, Sysmax enables them to understand the reality of their day-to-day compliance with core processes. We do that with a clarity that drives continuous improvement across their organisation.

Conceived for the nuclear power sector, enhanced for civil engineering, and finessed in oil and gas, now our products are available to drive success across varied sectors. Businesses in energy and renewables, construction, utilities, water, waste management, and in the food and beverage sectors can all benefit from our research and product development.

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How Sysmax products helped Neptune Energy prove competency for drilling operations

Neptune Energy uses Casmax and Sawmax to great effect

Neptune deployed Sysmax products, Casmax and Sawmax, in tandem as the best way of assessing, managing and testing competency across their drilling operations. By using the same simulated well control test for everyone in the team, Sysmax tools levelled the playing field.

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