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Ensuring your best practices are used 24/7

Our AI-driven compliance platform empowers you to proactively manage enterprise and supply chain compliance. Identify and address gaps, assess risk impacts, and implement best practices to safeguard your business. With effective execution and best practices, you’ll witness a positive impact on your bottom line, benefiting all stakeholders.

Trusted by brands across the globe since 1996

Why Sysmax?

Built with the support of clients following the Deepwater Horizon
and Grenfell Disasters, our compliance, risk and competence management software
platform will transform how you manage your business.

From C-suite to office staff and through to frontline workers, Allowing you to empower every worker at every level to be safer, more productive and make better-informed decisions by putting knowledge in their hands – whenever and wherever they need it.

Best Practice
in Your Pocket

With our platform, you can empower your entire workforce with centralised, quick and easy access to all company best practices, procedures and training material on any device, in any language, both online and offline.  Validate the use of best practices in the workplace to improve your bottom line continuously.

Enhance Onboarding,
Knowledge and Skills

With our software platform, you can improve your onboarding by up to 80% by allowing new hires to access relevant support materials on any device and post evidence for on-the-job validation. Showing they can execute their role safely and efficiently. Building better people doing things right.

Update Information

You will be able to ensure your workers have the correct and most up-to-date information with instantaneous global distribution and version control of procedures and best practices.

Bring Procedures to Life

For more critical areas, you can provide compliance checks to break procedures down into consumable items for the workforce. Ensuring they get done consistently. Improving financial, HSEQ and operational performance routinely.

Predict and
Reduce Risk

You can provide your entire organisation with the visibility to identify gaps at all organisational levels, from business processes to individuals, teams, nations, and the globe.

Effectively Manage
your Workforce

You can manage your business more effectively with access to at-a-glance real-time reports on business processes and personnel performance from team to site to the world.

An integrated software platform to manage compliance and risk across the enterprise.

Sysmax provides an AI-enabled compliance and risk management system, including remote support and audit through a single software platform.

By leveraging best practices, you can rapidly assure skills, knowledge, and experience and improve onboarding by up to 80%.

Join the Sysmax revolution and transform your business…


Available on any device, in any language, on and offline

With our software platform, no matter where your workers are, they can access and deploy everything they need.


Prove Capability and Compliance in the Workplace

With our software platform, your people can gather self-generated evidence and their assessor statements in the workplace. Providing workers with complete visibility of their compliance and competence performance. Competency assessments have been proven to be 80% more efficient using our app.

What Our Customers Say

"We use it in annual objectives for career progression justification. We run somebody's experience against the profile that we're promoting them to demonstrate that they are suitable for that position. The system is very good for auditing purposes. It allows us to put people in teams, assess them as teams and demonstrate that within the team the competency required exists."
Senior Manager D&C Engineering, CNOOC
Senior Manager D&C Engineering, CNOOC
"If you want to give a promotion to a person, this is the tool to use."

"The system gives you scores and certification in very detailed level and helps you identify the skill gaps."

"It was useful because we know we have a list of things that I can do to fill the gaps and what I can put in my development plan."
Well Engineering Manager, Sasol
Well Engineering Manager, Sasol
“Everyone really loved it. This is our first step into digitization….moving away from the baseline Excel”

“We were able to break the training down into clear steps which meant new starts could rapidly get up to speed…Training time is reduced by 80%”
Global Food & Drink Company
Director, Global Food & Drink Company
“Does what it says. It looks good. It feels good.”
Head of Maintenance
“Excellent system. We’ve had really good feedback from all the Heads of Services and the colleagues as well.”
Head of Maintenance Ops
“We didn't understand what was underpinning our gender pay gap until we used Sysmax systems.”
Global Energy Company
Vice President
“Sysmax achieves what five of our existing tools do and does it better than all of them.”
Major Renewable Energy Company
Head of Safety
“We are required to prove compliance and competency to regulatory and internal auditors regularly. Sysmax has ensured we passed multiple audits with ease.”
Major Oil & Gas Company
Engineering Manager

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