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​3 Tools For Competency And Compliance Management From Sysmax

Here at Sysmax, we’re hugely proud of the work we do. Every day, we empower businesses and individuals to make the most of their systems and skills. Our products solve practical problems, such as demonstrating adherence to regulatory standards and winning new contracts. We’ve just launched a new brand identity and a new website to showcase the work that we do. We’re ready to roll out our products to companies in varied industries around the globe. In this blog, we’re taking the opportunity to sum up what Sysmax is all about.

Where competency and compliance management is business critical

Sysmax is a software as a service (SaaS) company. Our products test, prove and benchmark compliance and competency in companies where adherence to best practice is critical to meet operational standards. For every business, unidentified compliance and skills gaps represent both a risk and a loss of opportunity. With our suite of products, we can highlight those gaps. You’ll know if teams are following best practice, if workers are competent, and that you have minimized risk.

We deliver compliance as a service (CaaS). For clients with complex needs, we work hard to establish what their specific requirements are. We then tailor our products to take your needs into account and produce a unique dataset for your business. We’ll make sure we are asking you and your employees the right questions at every turn. And as well as the granular detail, our heat map indicators identify areas of strength and development opportunities across your teams. That way, we ensure best practice across every business division and location.

Three products for wrap-around competency and compliance management

We’ve developed three CaaS products that deliver management of competency, improvement and compliance. Casmax is our competency management tool. It allows workers to self-certify their skills, knowledge and experience of systems and processes within a business. Sawmax is a simulation testing environment. Online simulations and testing confirm staff competency and drive continuous development through eLearning. And last, but certainly not least, Benchmax provides compliance management. It monitors and reports on compliance against best practice, and it drives improvement by demonstrating adherence to standards.

Together these tools let you know that the right people are doing things right, all the time. Our products are scalable and can be customised to deliver advanced solutions for corporations with complex needs. And we have a fantastic track record of delivering results to companies in multiple locations. Trusted by some of the world’s largest companies, Sysmax enables them to understand the reality of their day-to-day compliance with core processes. We do that with a clarity that drives continuous improvement across any business.

Whatever the economic sector, we drive continuous improvement

Our products were conceived for the nuclear power sector, enhanced for civil engineering, and finessed in oil and gas. But that’s only the beginning. We can drive success across every economic sector where adherence to the highest of standards is business critical. Companies in energy and renewables, construction, utilities, water, waste management, and food and beverages are all tightly regulated. If you operate in any of these sectors, then you can benefit from our research and product development.

Let us demonstrate how Sysmax products will empower you to make sure your people are trained, safe and competent. We’ll upgrade your compliance and competency management from top to bottom, to improve performance throughout your business. We’ll help you to keep regulators on your side, however risky the sector in which you operate. And we’ll enhance shareholder value by getting the most out of your systems.

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To find out more about Sysmax and compliance as a service, or to arrange a free demo of our market-leading competency and compliance management products, contact one of the team today.


Post by Peter McAteer

Peter is the founder and CEO of Sysmax, a market-leader in the areas of compliance, performance improvement and competency management. He has more than 35 years’ experience working with global leaders in high-risk industries such and oil and gas extraction. Peter’s focus is on driving performance improvement through analysis of business compliance and staff competency, including risk analysis, high technology engineering and value optimization. He works with clients to ensure they make the most of the opportunities inherent with the Sysmax suite of products.



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