Built on experience in project, risk and engineering management consulting since 1992 we have built online and offline systems to help our clients achieve value improvement.


Many of our systems originated in the nuclear and civil engineering sectors and were improved in the oil and gas sector where we have global experience.


We are a team of management process specialists, knowledge elicitors, system developers and problem solvers dedicated to helping our clients ensure;


  • their people are competent,

  • key processes are followed

  • and risked value is optimized.

We’ve been a market leader and innovator in the provision of competency and risk management systems for the oil and gas industry since 1996. We’ve worked with industry leaders including Shell, BP, Talisman and Premier.

Not only have we worked with some of the top oil and gas companies in the world, but we’re proud to say we’ve helped facilitate cross-organizational collaboration on key topics. Setting new industry standards and enabling cost reduction by unifying disparate corporate approaches in to one, jointly shared system.


Our systems originated in other sectors and we are broadening our application in areas such as health care, finance and manufacturing. 

Sysmax was originally part of a multi-sector firm supporting the nuclear, defense, construction, rail and water sectors. Although our recent focus has been oil and gas, our systems and processes are easily adapted to other industry sectors.

Sysmax has achieved ISO27001 certification - This means that in a world of increasing cyber threats our client data is secured through an Information Security Management System that has been certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI). 

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