PepsiCo reduced their 'time to train' by 80% with Benchmax

For a multinational corporation like PepsiCo, it’s vital to be on top of compliance to standards across operations. With Benchmax you can be sure you are. By breaking compliance down into a series of steps, Benchmax ensures that everyone can be on the same page.



PepsiCo is the second-biggest food manufacturer globally, producing household snack names such as Lays, Walkers, Doritos, Quavers and Monster Munch to name just a few. PepsiCo supplies beverages and snacks to 200 countries and has revenues of over $65bn, whilst employing just over 267,000 people. For a multinational corporation such as PepsiCo, it’s vital to be on top of standards across their operations. In early 2020 Sysmax started a conversation with the UK division about how we could help PepsiCo with the COVID-19 crisis.

CHALLENGE: coping with the challenges of Covid-19

Once COVID-19 had the world in its grip, PepsiCo was like most corporations and struggling with new and unprecedented challenges. Much of the difficulty surrounded the fact that trained staff may be unavailable, as they need to shield, self-isolate or recuperate from Covid-19. PepsiCo had to recruit fast in order to keep production lines running. More importantly, the company needed to keep existing standards. This included ensuring all new personnel were trained to the ‘safe and capable’ PepsiCo requirements before being deployed onto the factory floor. Monitoring these standards and requirements was mostly completed on spreadsheets and therefore time consuming.

SOLUTION: Benchmax compliance management works wonders

For PepsiCo’s snack division in the UK in early 2020, Sysmax was in the right place at the right time to be able to help. Within the suite of Sysmax software products is Benchmax, an online audit system which aims to monitor and review the standards and procedures across entire entities, providing highly effective assurance focused on core integrity issues. By breaking compliance down into a series of steps, Benchmax ensures that everyone can be on the same page when it comes to compliance.

At PepsiCo, rather than relying on individual operator assessments, the team uses more senior internal assessors to ensure that everyone is meeting their standards. But Benchmax has several layers of control, so that overall responsibility always sits at the right level.

Within only 24 hours of first demonstrating the Benchmax product, Sysmax had developed a specific model for PepsiCo which met their immediate needs.

Using Benchmax, PepsiCo was able to break the training down into clear steps which ensured new joiners could rapidly get up to speed. As a result, the company reduced the time for people to become trained as safe and capable from 12 weeks to two. That’s an 80% reduction in training time. And that represents huge cost saving as a result of having qualified staff working sooner.


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