Simplifying the Process

Benchmax is an aide memoire, peer review, assurance and audit tool. 


Benchmax can use corporate, industry or international standards to remind the user of the key factors to abide by during their workflow.  Thus enabling peer review, assurance or audit functions to check compliance at key stages.


Benchmax provides an audit trail and is a unified system for assessing compliance and housing proof or evidence of adherence. Benchmax also provides the ability to benchmark a critical process against a target and compare different assets to identify underlying issues to resolve.

It is used for:​

  • Ensuring integrity throughout all phases of critical processes and can incorporate multiple levels and sources of standards, guidelines and regulations (as appropriate).

  • Safeguarding compliance with core company processes and procedures.

  • Supporting performance improvement by acting as an aide memoire to personnel performing key tasks​

Every company has various processes, procedures and standards that they wish to ensure people abide by, but as we face changes of personnel and growing technical challenges the ability of companies to pass on learning and to ensure integrity of the deployment of procedures, policies and guidelines is made more challenging.

Benchmax provides a visual representation of compliance to your standards across all areas, allowing for targeted performance drives.

Benefits include:

  • Ability to get behind the data and look at problems with equipment, services, design, people

  • Focus on key areas to reduce cost / improve productivity

  • Protect stakeholders’ interests

  • Enhance visibility of overall integrity across the company’s assets

  • Report integrity consistently to Senior Management

  • Set targets and report results

  • See performance drivers on key issues, e.g. 'Why are we seeing consistency problems with our assets in this area?'

  • Encourage inter-asset competition to drive through overall performance improvement, reduced cost and enhanced productivity

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