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Case Study

Global deployment of compliance & competency management in under 6 months

BP is invested in a wide range of energy sources where they must maintain rigorous standards.

When it comes to competency, improvement, and compliance management, they must make optimal use of human resources across regions, divisions, and teams. Casmax, helped them do just that with a global deployment in only six months.

The Background

Tightly regulated energy sector

In the tightly regulated energy sector, risk management is business critical. As a ‘supermajor’, among the top seven global energy companies, BP has to demonstrate the competency of its teams in multiple regions and its compliance with numerous standards.

And, as its ‘Beyond Petroleum’ strapline indicates, BP is invested in a wide range of energy sources where they must also maintain rigorous standards. They need enough flexibility to respond to local jurisdictional variations, but they also need to drive forward their business within one single strategy. And when it comes to competency, improvement, and compliance management, they need to make optimal use of their human resources across regions, divisions, and teams.

The Challenge

Global deployment

For a major multinational corporation, introducing a global competency management system is especially challenging. Many of the obstacles focus on cultural differences and language issues between regions and countries. International standards and their local variations can be difficult to police in a global corporation. What’s more, the cost of trying different approaches can be very high, meaning that companies can’t work on a trial-and-error basis.

When they approached us, BP needed a systematic approach to competency management globally. We had already worked successfully with them on several projects in the UK. But other regional business divisions needed more diligence when it came to identifying development opportunities and getting the most from teams.

The Solution

Ground-breaking scale and speed

Our deployment with BP was ground-breaking in its sheer scale. The main pilot was in the UK, where corporate culture has a well-established systemic risk management framework.

We rolled out smaller-scale testing in several other countries to prove the methodology. Having completed successful trials, we made a phased international deployment. Our reach was continental, as we rolled out to North America, South America, Africa and Asia in turn. We achieved a global deployment, integrating 750 people into Casmax within six months. Achieving successful roll-out.

How we did it

Achieving a successful roll-out

Tailored training increased the speed of deployment

First, we developed a new training model for the BP deployment. In previous smaller deployments, the model had been for senior Sysmax staff to deliver training face to face. For BP, we adopted a train the trainer approach for classroom sessions. The Sysmax team was then able to focus on developing training materials available to users, such as short videos and e-learning.

Internal marketing improved adoption
Communication of the intentions behind adopting a competency management system is always crucial. It’s vital to communicate that our systems are about acknowledging and celebrating competency, not about identifying targets for cost reductions or redundancy. By placing competency management in the hands of the people who care about it most (i.e., the individual), we achieve excellent buy-in from people on the ground.
Maintaining an overarching global focus

Crucially, Sysmax products are volume agnostic, allowing us to accommodate large numbers of users without compromising the integrity of the system. And, we have the capacity for multilingual elements in our other products, Benchmax and Sawmax. Deployment is faster, and staff more engaged when they can use their own language to input their data. Data is geopositioned when users are online, as the products registers the GPS of the device where data was entered.

The most critical thing is that it shows the last year that the user last demonstrates that particular competency or skill. You may be current to do something, but not proficient. Based on what you have done, it will give you a rate of your competency with the calculation and algorithm. (David Lobdell – Learning Manager, BP

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