Multi-Dimensional View of Competency

Sysmax has been providing Competency Management Systems globally since 1996.  We have provided our systems to some of the world’s largest companies, medium sized corporations all the way to small groups of personnel within start-up companies.  Covering Executives to the person with the tools in their hands.


Our systems originated from our parent group's experience in multiple sectors and were sharpened in the oil and gas sector where we have a substantial track.  The system is able to be used by companies in most situations.  Either utilizing our skills maps, creating or deploying your own through our portal.


A Competency Management System (CMS) typically provides:

  • A structure for housing competence models or job profiles

  • Means of rating oneself or those supervised against a job profile

  • Ability to see gaps and create development plans to close those gaps

  • Tracking of compliance and certifications

  • Reports and summaries that provide managers with an aggregate view of strengths and weaknesses, gaps and issues

  • Links to training and ability to monitor effectiveness of that training in improving competence

How Casmax Compares

The problem with many competency management systems is frequently the use of one-dimensional criteria.  Our experience is that competency cannot be truly reflected in one dimension.  Over the years we have added second, third and fourth dimensions based on global experience.


Competence assurance is multi-dimensional and not as simplistic as most providers wish it were.  Almost all of our clients have tried and failed to manage competency internally before asking us to support them. 


Similarly, the verification process has proven time consuming and expensive for most organisations using other approaches.  Casmax takes away this burden with our graphic and simple verification process which can be performed in one click whilst still enabling deep interrogation. 


The bitter lesson of wasted time, money and talent has brought companies that have tried various other approaches to us, where they remain loyally engaged with us, many years later.


Casmax elegantly reflects true competency by using our unique four-dimensional algorithm to check reliability and consistency.  During data entry and prior to submission of profiles for verification, users are warned of issues with their data input to avoid supervisors wasting time and money on inadequate profiles.

Casmax compares individual values against our collaboratively built expert database of jobs constructed and maintained since 1996, whilst complying with GDPR.

Casmax works flexibly with your existing management systems and organizational architecture.


Casmax is the proven, effective and elegant solution to the Competency Assurance conundrum.

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