Competency management with Casmax

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Prove skills, knowledge, and experience

Casmax makes sure that workers are capable and competent to do their job. It provides a four-dimensional view of an individual, looking at their core technical abilities, process experience, confidence, and the recency of skill usage. The strength of Casmax is that the user affirms their own competency against a spectrum of skills set by the company.

This effectively tests how competent an individual is regarding the tasks relevant to their role before discussion, amendment, and validation by their supervisor. Agreed development actions provide continuous improvement to meet future corporate needs. There are several tiers of escalation from the user to an assessor and manager. It also ensures that the assessment is based on the individual’s skills, and not their relationship with their supervisor.

Casmax makes sure that the right information gets through to the right people in the business.
Managers can look in granular detail at an individual, how a team fits together, or even aggregate skillsets across a site, whole regions, or globally.

With Casmax, you get insight into four dimensions:

  • SKILLS GAINED – Where in the process did your employee gain their skills?
  • TASKS COMPLETED  Experience gained versus opportunities for development.
  • CONFIDENCE AFFIRMED  Do they have a realistic perception of their competency?
  • RECENTLY ACHIEVED  When was the last time they demonstrated the skills required?

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Four dimensional competency management


Skills Gained

Where in the process did your employee gain their skills?


Tasks Completed

Experience gained versus opportunities for development?


Confidence Affirmed

Do they have a realistic perception of their competency?


Recently Achieved

When was the last time they demonstrated the skills required?


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How Casmax works

Casmax measures an employee’s skills by asking them to respond to a series of technical range statements. It assesses their experience in their role and ensures appropriate levels of confidence in their abilities. If there are discrepancies between that individual’s experience, skills, and confidence, Casmax raises an alert and guides the user to address anomalies before submission to their supervisor. This avoids difficult and costly discussions with line managers and creates a more positive work environment.

Critically, it confirms when they last exercised each particular skill. This is important as it tests whether the employee is still competent to perform a task. For instance, has new technology become available, or perhaps the legislative environment has changed? In either case, Casmax would flag this up.

Empowering individuals, informing enterprises

Using Casmax, companies can assess and manage competency across their entire operation. There are various levels of login. Workers are responsible for filling in their own Casmax user profiles, and an interactive dashboard highlights their progress in filling in data. A line manager assesses these user profiles, with heat map indicators identifying areas of strength and development opportunities. Senior managers can, in turn, log in to see an overview across a business unit, geographical location, or company-wide.

For businesses that understand that their human resources are among their most important assets, Casmax works wonders. It’s not about a company making hiring or firing decisions; it's about getting the most from workers and giving them the most back. Casmax empowers individuals to take ownership of their competency profiles. For many motivated teams, job satisfaction is as much about having mastery in what they do as it is about financial reward.

By helping to create development plans for individuals, Casmax provides our clients with a positive feedback loop. For line managers, Casmax is a great mentoring and coaching tool. And it’s useful for individuals throughout their career path. For recent starters, it serves as a reality check, while for mid-level employees, it represents a chance to fill in any gaps they might have and grow into new roles. And for more senior people, it showcases their skills and expertise, allowing them to benchmark themselves against others in their field and coach future senior personnel.

With Casmax, your business can do more than just demonstrate competency: you can manage it proactively.