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The Building Safety
Act is here

Are you ready?

The Building Safety Act 2022 came into effect on the 1st of April 2023 with full implementation from the 1st of October 2023.

Don’t believe the threat is real?

Unlimited Fines AND 48-Hour Notice

You'll only receive 48-hour notice of inspections and if you are not prepared for the regulatory changes, you can receive unlimited fines.

It is now a Statutory Requirement to produce and maintain a Building Safety Case and Building Safety Case Report, and to maintain the Golden Thread

The Sentencing Guidelines for Health and Safety Offences are published by the Sentencing Council.

What do you need to know about The Building Safety Act?

  • Landlords must ensure the competency of all staff.
  • Organisations should comply with the requirements of the Golden Thread.
  • Relevant Buildings are currently defined as High-risk residential buildings (HRRB) at least 18 metres in height, or have at least 7 storeys, and have at least 2 residential units.
  • Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) need to be captured, collated and reported.

Sustainable construction and
social housing by Sysmax

Sysmax surpassed my expectations by delivering an outstanding solution that combines affordability and sustainability. They integrated energy-efficient systems within limited budgets, while meeting regulatory requirements.
I recommend Sysmax for their transformative solutions
in construction and social housing.

The challenge

The GreenVista Housing Project, undertaken by Sysmax, presents a compelling case study that highlights the challenges of balancing affordability and sustainability in a real-world context.

Situated in a rapidly growing urban area, the project aimed to provide affordable housing options while minimizing the environmental footprint and promoting energy efficiency.
One of the primary challenges encountered was the limited budget allocated for the project.The challenge was to find a balance between minimising costs and integrating sustainable features.

The solution

Despite these challenges, Sysmax successfully addressed them through innovative solutions.

By employing sustainable construction practices, such as utilising recycled materials, implementing energy-efficient systems, and integrating renewable energy sources, the GreenVista Housing Project achieved a harmonious balance between affordability and sustainability.

The Value of The Golden Thread

Our platform complies with the Golden Thread requirements, ensuring that your organisation and your Supply Chain providers are compliant and competent.

Our platform captures supplier competence, compliance with your requirements, and the suppliers’ best practices. Preventing problems arriving on site or being discovered when it is too late. Also, enabling remote audit of supply chains to reduce the cost of compliance and competency across the sector.

Trusted by brands across the globe since 1996

What Our Customers Say

"We do like the platform and the opportunities it gives us. We use Benchmax to demonstrate competency and compliance of front-line workers; deliver learning and training aid."

"Benchmax is used for the delivery of ProQual Fire Door Safety Training Installation Qualifications."

"The course on Benchmax covers all units and demonstrates competency. When the employees are on site, they should fully sign off on the platform, the supervisors will reinforce this; we are trying it from two different angles, and we think it's a really good learning aid"
Demonstrate competency – Mears Group
Heather Hughes, Head of Learning, Mears Group
"You can't really fault it in having a centralised location for overseeing competency and tracking activities on a daily basis. It’s easy to recall the information as and when needed."

"We asked our colleagues to take photos of the ladders on their mobiles, which then goes back to Sysmax platform and then we can evaluate the risk assessment being carried out on the site. Benchmax helps us to do cross-comparison at the minute."

"Benchmax is a really good platform that will help us move forward in dealing with the recruitment process and the upcoming legislation changes."
Evidence of trust – Karbon Homes
Jonathan Fletcher, Director Pre-Tenancy & Property Services, Karbon Homes
“From initial contact through to pilot implementation, the vision of what the platform will achieve is inspirational.” "The additional features of the platform over and above demonstrating competencies are beneficial to an organisation with multi-trade craft operatives." “Mandatory tasks that can be applied such as Toolbox Talks, Training and Development and on-site training are such valuable assets in organisations such as ourselves.”“Great platform and we would encourage all those in our sector to take advantage.”
Centralised System – Berneslai Homes
John Lees, Senior Operations Manager, Berneslai Homes
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