Nothing proves compliance & readiness more than real-time data.

Instead of wondering how trained, compliant, and ready your employees are, measure it.
With the only compliance implementation system that delivers real-time visibility.

And reduce your onboarding and readiness time by over 80%.

Find out how Benchmax can reduce my onboarding time by 80%

Real time proof
(from one source)

Flexible for any procedures
(So every team can use it)

Sync with your existing LMS

Before Benchmax

Scattered paperwork, spreadsheet entry backlogs, expired certs, held breath after on-boarding, quality uncertainty, scrambling at audit time. And many clipboards.

After Benchmax

Remote access. One source of the truth. Proof of compliance. Real-time centralised visibility for competency and readiness. For every individual in your company. Efficiency doesn't come at the cost of compliance. True efficiency is the result of it.

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Kerr McGee

And see results like these:

90% of operatives feel Benchmax is a good way to evidence their competency

Benchmax can be implemented in less that 24 hours

80% improvements
(Onboarding times cut down from 10 weeks to 2 weeks)

Built to handle any procedure you have. From factory floors and test kitchens to mid-Atlantic oil rigs and high-rise scaffolding.

How we help promote diverse young talent through education

One source of truth - down to every detail

When information is siloed across different systems, paper files, and departments, your company is at risk. Benchmax gives everyone the same story: your employees can see their certs, managers can easily assign and sign-off, and leaders can spot any efficiency and compliance gaps.

How we help promote diverse young talent through education

Don't just train your workforce, prove it

At most, even the best LMS system only delivers the training and not the proof that it's being put into practice. With Benchmax, your floor managers can upload video proof for compliance directly into an employee's corporate competency file. Which means your regulators can save on the site visit time (and the petrol).

Audit-ready at any moment

Audit time doesn't have to be a scramble. When you have real-time granular data, you can see exactly how trained and compliant any region, department, or person is on any given day. On any given hour. Which means your employees are safer on the job. And your organisation can better prepare for any regulation.

How we help promote diverse young talent through education

BYOD and offline access

Gone are the days of clipboards, manual entry, and scanning signatures. With Benchmax, floor managers can run their checks from any device, and employees can access their training right from their mobile. And offline access and automatic syncing means even that dodgy factory floor internet won't stop it.

How we help promote diverse young talent through education

Deploy out training by role

New equipment? Updated operation procedures? Create it once, assign the role, and it automatically gets pushed out to every employee who needs it. Eliminate redundancies and the human oversight that accompanies them. And wait for the smile from your floor managers when you tell them they don't have to enter in "New Pallet Fork Lift training" 56 times.