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How Electricity Generation Manages Compliance And Competency

Electricity generation is a heavily regulated sector in every country, and Sysmax products can deliver on competency and compliance.

Electrical safety is something of which we’re all aware as consumers. But if you’re not directly involved in the industry, safety and security are not considerations that are front of mind when it comes to electricity generation itself. Yet the sector is (rightly) one of the most heavily regulated in economies around the world. Whether it’s ensuring the safety of workers in the sector, the security of supply, or a fair deal for consumers, electricity generators have to comply with a host of standards and rules. In this blog, we’ll be investigating what Sysmax can do to make sure that electricity generators comply with regulation and do right by the public.

Electricity generation that’s safe and clean

Whichever fuel is in use, the electricity generation sector covers a range of different businesses. The industry is regulated by governments to ensure that it offers reliable resources to the public and commercial customers. In a competitive environment such as the UK, regulators at Ofgem work hard to ensure that generators and suppliers don’t collude to take advantage of customers. And depending on the fuel used, there are also strict regulations in place to protect the safety of the general public too. This is of course particularly important for nuclear power, but it also applies to gas and even renewables.

Just as importantly, health and safety legislation regulates electricity generation to ensure that utilities companies protect their human resources. Again, in the UK, employers have a legal duty for the security and safety of all their staff members. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Works to uphold this legislation and, in extreme cases, will use corporate manslaughter legislation to prosecute for failing in this duty of care to employees. In the USA, meanwhile, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), an agency of the Department of Labor, looks after federal health and safety legislation. OSHA has a ‘general duty clause’ which requires employers to maintain conditions or adopt practices reasonably necessary and appropriate to protect workers on the job.

Developing the sector for sustainability

Electricity generation is one part of the global economy that will be developing most rapidly in coming decades. The demands of climate change mean that there will be a shift to using more sustainable fuels and creating new methods of electricity transmission. De-carbonising the economy will have knock-on impacts for electricity generators in terms of ensuring carbon-neutrality in building new plant. But further, the electricity network will itself need to expand, given the imperative to move to electric modes of transport and electric power to heat homes.

As in other parts of the economy, Sysmax products are useful for setting standards and assuring compliance in the electricity generation sector. Managing change in complex organisations is a difficult task at the best of times, let alone in the context of reducing carbon emissions and developing more sustainable ways of working. Growth and development will require upskilling and re-staffing, and that’s something that Casmax does particularly well.

How Casmax helps generators deliver on standards

Casmax makes sure that workers in the electricity generation sector are capable and competent to do their job. It provides a four-dimensional view of an individual, looking at their core technical abilities, process experience, confidence and the recency of skill usage. The strength of Casmax is that the user affirms their own competency against a spectrum of skills set by the company. Asking them to respond to a series of technical range statements effectively tests how competent an individual is regarding the tasks relevant to their role. Their supervisor then validates this assessment and agrees development actions which provide continuous improvement to meet future corporate needs.

There are several tiers of escalation from the user to an assessor and manager. Casmax assessments are therefore based on the individual’s skills, and not their relationship with their supervisor. Casmax makes sure that the right information gets through to the right people in the organisation. Managers can look in granular detail at an individual, at how a team fits together, or even at aggregate skillsets across the assets, whole region, or global organisation.

Critically, Casmax confirms when a worker last exercised each particular skill. This is important as it tests whether the employee is still competent to perform a task. For instance, has new technology become available, or perhaps the legislative environment has changed? In the electricity generation sector, this will be an ever more important consideration – and with Casmax, companies can manage the process more easily.

To find out more about how Casmax can work to manage competency, improvement, and compliance in electricity generation, contact one of the team today.


Post by Conal Regan

As the Business Development Manager at Sysmax, Conal is responsible for introducing new clients to the benefits of our suite of products, Casmax, Sawmax and Benchmax. His focus is on ensuring their experience is straightforward, simple and truly effective. His consultative, customer-focused approach means our clients have full access to every possible resource to achieve lasting, best-of-breed solutions and service excellence.



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