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How Sysmax Products Help With Winning Contracts

When it comes to winning contracts, it’s always important to stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a company or public-sector body who’s awarding the contract, they’ll ask probing questions and do due diligence. They need the reassurance that they get the right contractor or supplier to deliver on the contract. Demonstrating a track record of competence and compliance will certainly give them a level of comfort. And it also helps to have a comprehensive system in place to manage competence for the duration of the contract. In this blog, we’re going to have a closer look at how Sysmax products, and Casmax in particular, can help win contracts.

Tenders will ask the toughest questions

Of course, the best competitive tenders already strip out the personalities to focus on the things that really matter when it comes to doing a good job. Stepping back from the mechanics of delivering the contract itself, companies seeking to outsource often seek proof of three things. First, they need to know that bidders can manage risk. Secondly, they require a rigorous approach to project planning. And last but not least, they need to know suppliers can manage competency and establish robust succession planning. Indeed, in certain fields, legislation even requires that suppliers can demonstrate competency as part of their risk management processes.

What’s more, contracts can be complicated and cover various different aspects of a company’s operations. It’s especially tricky when there’s risk-sharing between the principal and the supplier. At every stage, asset owners need to be confident that bidders can deliver using competent personnel who comply not only with the contract terms but also international standards and regulations. For new entrants into established industries, it can be essential to quickly prove that they can do the job of more established competitors. (For an example, read about how Sysmax products helped Neptune Energy prove their competency for drilling rights in the North Sea.) But even for those more established operators, it’s always useful to be able to demonstrate a command of the work they’ll be doing.

Win contracts by showing you have the best-qualified teams

Particularly when the contract is for high-risk work using complex systems, suppliers have got to be able to build trust quickly. Sysmax can demonstrate competency and compliance to procurement teams, showing what they want to see rather than what you want to give them. And it’s important to focus on the operational procedures as well as the people. Just as the tender process should de-personalise bidding to make for a fair competition, so our products give reassurance that we’re testing individuals, not their networks.

Take Casmax, for instance. It offers clarity by providing a single overview for skills and experience during the bidding process. And it maintains a standard, well-accepted, robust methodology for measuring competency of teams throughout the contract. Individuals fill in their profiles themselves, but our clients usually find it useful to hold line managers accountable for profile completion. This also gives assurance to contract principals that there’s accountability for individual performance of contracted work and buy-in from every level. Our clients can use analytics functions across teams and business units, and they can then share some of that data with their own clients to evidence contract performance. With Sysmax products on your side, you can have a winning formula for tenders.

To find out more about how Casmax and other Sysmax products can help when it comes to winning contracts, contact one of the team today.


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Post by June MacLeod, Systems Manager, Sysmax

June is our Systems Manager and the original developer of Casmax, our competency management product, which started as a database system in 1997. She has supported the competency systems deployment for all clients internationally since then. June also oversees the data integrity of our products and provides support and guidance to users.



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