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How Workers Improve Skills With Sawmax Simulation Testing

With Sawmax, companies can use simulation testing to gauge and improve their workers’ skills, particularly for high-risk scenarios.

Protecting against catastrophic events is a crucial element of everyday risk management in a number of economic sectors. But less dramatically, companies spend billions each year on mistakes that could have been avoided had they had more competent personnel. A credible means of measuring and improving competence and certifying personnel can stop these mistakes from happening in the first place. But sometimes it can be difficult to test how workers think on their feet. To improve performance significantly, companies need to simulate events and challenge staff to evaluate scenarios in risk-free settings. In this blog, we’ll be looking at how Sawmax helps your workers demonstrate and improve their skills in the specific context of their role in your company.

Testing skills in risk-free ways

In certain sectors, there are high-risk, high-impact activities where mistakes are costly or can have significant impact. It’s no exaggeration to say that at times human error can be a matter of life and death, environmental catastrophe, or economic devastation. Take the oil and gas sector, where events such as the Piper Alpha fire or the Deepwater Horizon oil spill had human error at their heart. A lack of specific skills, at the point when those skills are most needed, can have a particularly negative effect in hazardous, complex, or infrequently performed operations.

But testing how workers will respond in risky scenarios can be tricky. It’s not as if you can always simulate a major incident without risking harm to workers and the wider public. And after all, internal risk systems are there to minimise the likelihood of such events and the impact that they might have. In fact, it’s often better to test proxy skills using simulation testing for real-world risk scenarios, without the risk. Situational awareness and observation skills demonstrate a worker’s ability to think on their feet. And this can have a positive feedback loop in risk-management systems, making staff more confident that they will be able to cope should the worst happen.

Sawmax and simulation testing

Sawmax uses gamification techniques, simulated scenarios and multiple-choice questions to show how system users react to real-world situations as they unfold. By completing a range of modules, team members can measure their strengths and weaknesses. This shows how well staff prioritize multiple, potentially conflicting sources of information. Such data can include elements such as safety, expressed opinions, the situational environment and the data being collated as the scenario unfolds.

Sawmax enables improvement management in any business. It evaluates and certifies an employee’s competence to perform critical tasks. Using Sawmax, you can test current knowledge, identify any weaknesses, and automatically direct the person to eLearning as development opportunities arise. We’ll work with you to adopt scenarios that fit the specifics of your sector and company. And the system’s adaptive learning algorithms identifies gaps against a required standard. It builds human factors into scenarios based on client experience of past events, creating agile systematic feedback from user responses to help you to improve continuously.

Sawmax helped to prove CNOOC’s competency and enabled them to reverse a suspension of North Sea drilling operations.

Information for managers, confidence for individuals

Sawmax includes a content management system for clients to their own data. It’s particularly relevant in businesses where a small number of operators can have a significant impact. The practical insight it offers can drive performance improvement within teams and across companies, both locally and globally. By focusing on key areas, it’s possible to improve stakeholder value, business security, and corporate social responsibility.

For individual workers, Sawmax can be a good confidence boost. They can undertake Sawmax simulation testing on their own initiative or as specified by management. And owning their own Sawmax performance profiles gives validation for people at every level. Senior staff value the ability to demonstrate their skills and expertise. For mid-level employees, it’s an excellent reminder of how they’ve developed, as well as honing skills they may need in their everyday work. And it can be a reality check for recent starters as to where they can develop, with e-learning modules that teach them valuable skills.

Even if it’s not a matter of life and death, you don’t want to take chances with your business. And when the stakes are high, you really need your staff to do the best job that they can. Sawmax can provide the simulation testing that will help you get the most out of your staff, across the board.

To find out more about how Sawmax simulation testing can provide improvement management in your company, contact one of the team today.


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Post by Dean Johnstone

Dean is responsible for the development and continuous improvement of the Sawmax product. He initiated the design of the system and has performed numerous upgrades since the initial system release. Dean built the Benchmax system in 2018. Dean also oversees the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) for the full Sysmax product portfolio.



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