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Meet the Team


Peter McAteer


Peter is the CEO at Sysmax, a market-leader in the areas of compliance, improvement and competency management. He has more than 20 years’ experience working with global leaders in high-risk industries such as oil and gas extraction. Peter’s focus is on driving performance improvement though analysis of staff competency and business compliance, particularly in areas of technical risk analysis, high technology engineering and value optimisation. Peter works with our clients to ensure they make the most of the opportunities inherent within the Sysmax suite of products.


Murray Cormack


Murray is Chief Technical Officer at Sysmax, driving the technical development and constant improvement of our CaaS systems. He leads the product development teams and supports our clients to ensure effective deployment of the product range. He has more than 20 years’ experience in mid- to large-scale enterprise software design, development, architecture, and consultancy. He has worked in a variety of industries both in the UK and internationally. Murray spent seven years with Oracle as a Technology Manager, Solution Architect and Senior Principal Consultant. He holds a BSc In Computing Science from Robert Gordons University, Aberdeen.


Hugo Newman

Multimedia Content Developer

Hugo develops the media content for Sysmax and our principal products and looks after the front-end development work for Benchmax. He also created and maintains the online help material available to clients ensuring they are able to maximise the opportunities that our market-leading suite of products offer.


John Skelton

Product & Quality Manager

As well as leading our information security protocols, John has overall responsibility for development and continuous improvement of Casmax. He built the dynamic four-dimensional reporting interface to minimise time and cost to clients using the system. John also developed the advanced search facility within Casmax to enable clients to identify key skills within an organisation, and the asset/role based Swiss Cheese reporting process. John holds a BSc (Hons) degree in computing awarded by the Robert Gordons University in Aberdeen.


June MacLeod

Systems Manager

June is our Systems Manager and the original developer of Casmax, our competency management product, which started as a database system in 1997. She has supported the competency systems deployment for all clients internationally since then. June also oversees the data integrity of our products and provides support and guidance to users. A particular area of focus is in the optimisation of support for numerous projects in oil and gas using Monte Carlo simulations.


Dean Johnstone

Product Manager / Lead Interaction Designer

Dean is responsible for the development and continuous improvement of the Sawmax product. He initiated the design of the product and has performed numerous upgrades since the initial system release. Dean built the Benchmax system in 2018. Dean also oversees the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) for the full Sysmax product portfolio. Dean achieved an Honours degree in Digital Interaction Design from the University of Dundee.


Conal Regan

Business Development Manager

As the Business Development Manager at Sysmax, Conal is responsible for introducing new clients to the benefits of our suite of products, Casmax, Sawmax and Benchmax. His focus is on ensuring their experience is straightforward, simple and truly effective. His consultative, customer-focused approach means our clients have full access to every possible resource to achieve lasting, best-of-breed solutions and service excellence.


Marc Bates

Head of Marketing

Marc leads the marketing and communication strategy at Sysmax and oversees the development of our website. His focus is on demonstrating the rich history of the Sysmax team, and how together they have developed products that resolve real-world issues for businesses, improving performance and reducing risks.


Timothy Mashinski

Engineering Manager (PT) at Sysmax

Tim performs engineering oversight, supporting business development and providing technical support for the Sysmax platforms. His particular focus is on deployments for oil and gas industry competency, risk management and auditing.