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Neptune Energy Used Sysmax Products To Prove Their Competency For North Sea Drilling Operations

In 2018 Neptune Energy had the challenge of proving its ability to deliver safe drilling operations in the North Sea. We caught up with Sysmax NED, Bruce Webb, to find out how they achieved it.

For new entrants into established industries, it can be essential to prove quickly that they’re able to do the job of more-established competitors. For Neptune Energy, they had a major challenge back in 2018. The company needed to prove its ability to deliver safe and secure drilling operations in the North Sea. We caught up with Sysmax Non-Executive Director Bruce Webb to find out how they deployed Sysmax products to do just that.

A new entrant needs to prove its worth

Neptune Energy was formed in 2018, spun off from the French energy and services company Engie. The company has operations in the UK, Northern Europe (Germany, Norway, Netherlands), North Africa and South East Asia. As the upstream oil and gas business of Engie, its drilling operations had been downplayed in previous years. As a new company, Neptune was looking to restart drilling operations at several of their sites in Northern European. The company needed to demonstrate that their teams knew what they’re doing.

As Bruce noted, they needed to resolve a specific issue: proving competency for a competition for drilling operations in the North Sea. As a smaller, yet very nimble company, Neptune rapidly deployed Casmax and Sawmax in tandem as the best way of assessing, managing and testing competency across their drilling operations. They were able to use insight into balance on a functional perspective. They started with Casmax to update profiles and used Sawmax to fill in the gaps with simulations of specific scenarios. By using the same simulated well control test for everyone in the team, Sawmax levels the playing field. Managers were able to track how everyone did, how long they took to complete the test and where there were any team-wide gaps.

Keeping an eye on local differences to provide international standards

For an international company such as Neptune Energy, it’s also about making sure that they are properly motivated to use the products to fit in with their own culture. For instance, in a collaborative communitarian culture, it’s about making sure that everyone recognizes that individual competency makes the best team possible. For cultures where individual talent is more valued, it’s about making sure that everyone see the benefit of being able to take a view across an entire team or company.

For Bruce, using Sysmax products is helpful as a mentoring tool, as it allows a focus on areas for an individual’s growth and development. “The message to employees using Sysmax products is that they are your best advocates. They give you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills, experience and expertise. And they allow you to evaluate yourself against others in your field, to fill in any gaps you might have, and to grow into new roles.”

We’re delighted that Sysmax products helped Neptune Energy to be able to start their drilling operations in the North Sea. And we’re really pleased to be an ongoing part of their journey in assessing and managing the competency of their teams in multiple locations.

Read the full case study here >

To find out more about using Sysmax products to manage competency and provide simulated testing, contact the team today.


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Post by Marc Bates, Head of marketing, Sysmax

Marc leads the marketing and communication strategy at Sysmax and oversees the development of our website. Marc’s focus is on demonstrating the rich history of the Sysmax team, and how together they have developed products that resolve real-world issues for businesses, improving performance and reducing risks.



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