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​How mentoring shapes young lives and changes outlooks

​How mentoring shapes young lives and changes outlooks

20th Jul 2021

Sysmax promotes personal development, with a commitment to mentoring as a means to help shape young lives and change outlooks.The University of Leeds (UoL) Career Centre runs a one-year mentoring scheme for final-year students to support their personal development. It's a chance for them to learn from a professional, who can share their expertise, knowledge and insights into forging a career in tough times. In the previous blog in this series, we looked at our CEO Peter McAteer's perspective on his participation in the scheme. This time round, we're speaking to two people he's supported through the scheme: his current mentee, Davis, and his mentee from the 2017-18 programme, Harry. We'll be finding out how being part of the mentoring scheme has made a difference to them, and what the …

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