Sysmax Limited and 4D Safety announce knowledge-sharing partnership

Sysmax Limited and 4D Safety announce knowledge-sharing partnership

8th Mar 2021

Aberdeen, Scotland; Guildford, England; Houston, Texas, and Perth, Australia

Sysmax and 4D Safety are pleased to announce they have entered into a global knowledge partnership agreement, combining Sysmax’s sector-leading Compliance and Competency as a Service software solution with 4D Safety’s Safety Tracker and 4D Dashboard Approach to monitoring and developing business performance.

Business complexity means that it is essential to get production, schedules, costs, and resources right using the best systems and processes. Most mid to large enterprises create performance by bringing technology and people together effectively. Safety is a critical performance factor that is ultimately about people.

Most major accident events happen because the conventional safety approach fails to equip businesses to effectively handle the complex interplay between people and technology in workplaces.

The solution requires the selection and development of people who have the Skill and the Will to handle this complex interplay of technology and people.

Sysmax CEO Peter McAteer said, “The knowledge-sharing partnership between Sysmax and 4D Safety brings together a tried and tested approach to safety leadership with sector-leading software to provide an industry-leading approach to improve both safety and performance. The successful interplay between technology and people relies on selecting and developing people with the skill and the will to ensure that things go well.”

Evolving thinking in “doing safety differently” has contributed to answering the “what’s missing” question. But there is one more piece that needs further exploration—the “how”.

4D Safety® results from two decades of experience working globally, doing safety differently, and creating leadership-driven safety performance solutions.

Brett Read, the creator of 4D Safety® and 4D Tracker said, “The failing of the conventional approach to safety is that it focuses on what went wrong and human error instead of developing people and creating the capacity for things to go well.”

4D Safety® and 4D Tracker is a leadership software and dashboard that drives safety performance to create sustainable enterprise-wide performance. It is based on the Amazon best-selling book: Safety Performance Reimagined, co-authored by Brett Read and Rod Ritchie.

Together,4D Safety and Sysmax products enable businesses to measure, monitor and develop both technical and non-technical skills and capabilities.

Sysmax has 20-years of experience in project, risk, and engineering management has enabled the development of a comprehensive cloud-based suite of software products that help clients evaluate competency, improve performance, and deliver compliance across their business. Sysmax tools and processes improve performance and reduce costs.

“Partnering with Sysmax will provide the software solution we need to leverage online technology to provide clients with real time monitoring of safety leadership practices and team performance to align safety performance from the worksite to the Boardroom. When you combine great software with great leadership (the 4th Dimension), you get great performance.” Brett Read, Creator of 4D Safety®.

Partnering with Sysmax

Sysmax enables our partners to gain the maximum value from their knowledge by deploying it through our cloud-based products. Together, partnerships deliver a secure and scalable approach to deploy solutions for competency management, improvement management, and compliance management.

To find out more about partnering with Sysmax, contact us on solutions@sysmax.com

To find out more about 4D Safety® and 4D Tracker, contact us on 4ds@safetyleadersgroup.com +61 411 135 023

About Sysmax

Launched in 2000 by CEO Peter McAteer, our team of highly experienced practitioners and process specialists have worked hand-in-glove with some of the world's most influential businesses. Clients include PepsiCo, Neptune Energy, BP, Repsol Sinopec and Premier Oil. Trusted by some of the world's largest companies, Sysmax enables them to understand the reality of their day-to-day compliance with core processes. They help organisations test and ensure the skills and ability and understanding of their workforce, and to offer stakeholders assurance around compliance with best practice and sector-recognised standards.

About 4D Safety®

4D Safety® and 4D Tracker, is a leadership focused sociotechnical software and dashboard, that drives safety performance to create sustainable organizational performance. 4D Safety has been developed over many years of research and field applications by a multifunctional team of researchers and practitioners.

In January 2021, 4D Safety published a book outlining their philosophy: Safety Performance Reimagined: A 4D Approach to Organizational Performance. This book reimagines how safety performance is done. The two authors share case studies and stories from decades of experience working with companies globally to create sustainable safety performance in high-risk operations. The book is currently on the Amazon Best Seller list for Health and Safety.