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At Sysmax, we have the infrastructure, technology, and procedures ready to deploy. We manage data and processes that enable writing, consulting, training, and other activities by a broad range of partners. Our team has developed three ISO27001 compliant products, Casmax, Sawmax, and Benchmax. These cloud-based tools can support your business and help in your work with your customers and suppliers.

We have extensive experience and success in working with a wide variety of data, procedures, protocols, and international standards.

Partnering with Sysmax

When competency management, improvement management, or compliance management can benefit from being taken securely online and shared – partnering with Sysmax is an efficient and successful route.

  • Do you have best practices you and your clients would like to benchmark against in real-time?
  • Do you have a list of competencies and skills you’d like to have codified and online?
  • Do you have a simulator that you’d like to put an entire workforce through?
  • Do you have a great system but want someone to take away the headache of usernames, passwords, hosting, application deployment, compatibility issues, helpdesk, service levels, and digital security?  

Sysmax enables partners to gain the maximum value from their knowledge by deploying it through our cloud-based products. Together this partnership delivers a secure and scalable approach to deploy solutions for competency management, improvement management, or compliance management.

We take all commercial relationships seriously and vet potential partners to ensure they meet our high customer care and service efficiency standards.

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4D Safety®

4D Safety enables businesses to measure, monitor, and develop their Safety Leadership capability via real-time data on the leadership practices that create operational and safety performance. 4D Safety offers tools which have evolved over many years to help leaders keep their people and workmates safe in the workplace.

In January 2021, 4D Safety published a book outlining their philosophy: Safety Performance Reimagined: A 4D Approach to Organizational Performance This book reimagines how safety performance is done. The two authors share case studies and stories from decades of experience working with companies globally to create sustainable safety performance in high-risk operations. The book is currently on the Amazon Best Seller list for Health and Safety.

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Standards Norway

Standards Norway is the principal supplier of standards and related products in Norway, supplied through our sales company Standard Online. Standards Norway adopts and publishes Norsk Standard (NS / Norwegian Standards), and is responsible for the development and publication of NORSOK. 

Do you want to use and better utilize the content of standards in your own systems and software?

With an Enhanced Access agreement, this is possible, and it gives you more and a wider range of opportunities to take advantage of the content of the standards you use. You will be able to simplify and automate processes, save time and resources and reduce the risk of errors.

Standard Online is the legal and administrative partner for standards sales, subscriptions and Enhanced Access.

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