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MANAGE risk, compliance & competency in real-time

& Maritime

At Sysmax, we recognise the distinctive challenges within the ports sector. Our cutting-edge solutions not only guarantee compliance with industry regulations but also promote enhanced performance, operational excellence, and a steadfast commitment to safety across your port.

Ensuring the right people do things right

Ensure Your Port Safety & Efficiency

With years of experience, we can help you excel in managing compliance and competency in the ports environment.

In the demanding world of port operations, ensuring compliance and having skilled personnel are vital to guarantee safety, efficiency, and adherence to regulations. Balancing the high standards of this industry while also keeping a capable workforce can be quite a challenge. This is where Sysmax steps in – your dependable partner for compliance and competency management in the ports sector.

Ports are bustling hubs of activity, with heavy machinery, cargo handling, and maritime operations taking place around the clock. Ensuring the safety of both personnel and the environment is a top priority. This includes rigorous protocols for handling hazardous materials, maintaining robust security measures to prevent unauthorised access, and adhering to stringent maritime and environmental regulations. In this complex and dynamic environment, a commitment to safety not only protects lives and assets but also sustains the efficient flow of goods and secures the economic vitality of regions served by these vital transportation hubs.

Revolutionising how compliance and competency is managed in the ports sector

Benefiting from years of rigorous testing within high-risk industries, Sysmax products focus on reinforcing personnel competency, simulating essential technical scenarios, and ensuring that teams operate using the most current and accurate procedures. Moreover, Sysmax facilitates stringent audit processes and conformance assessments.

Ports are bustling centers of operation, where heavy machinery, cargo handling, and maritime activities occur 24/7. Prioritising the safety of both workers and the surrounding environment is of utmost importance. – Sysmax products excel with these demands.

A confident and competent
workforce by Sysmax

We are required to prove compliance and competency to regulatory and internal auditors regularly. Sysmax has ensured we passed multiple audits, with ease.

The challenge

Ports are high-energy environments with a number of activities involving the movement of heavy cargo, large vessels, and a range of equipment. This complexity increases the risk of accidents and injuries, especially when proper safety protocols are not consistently followed.

Moreover, the handling of hazardous materials and the potential for accidents involving large machinery or containers add an extra layer of risk. Mitigating these challenges requires ongoing training, adherence to strict safety standards, and a commitment to a culture of safety that places the well-being of workers at the forefront of port operations.

The solution

By automating and streamlining safety protocols, Sysmax compliance software helps in the efficient management of safety measures and requirements. It enables real-time monitoring of safety practices, ensuring that workers adhere to safety procedures, wear appropriate protective gear, and operate heavy machinery safely.

Additionally, compliance software facilitates the tracking of training and certification records, ensuring that all employees are adequately trained and qualified for their roles, reducing the risk of accidents. 

The value to a competent workforce

Our platform captures worker and 3rd party competence & compliance with your requirements. Preventing problems arriving on site or being discovered when it is too late. Also, enabling remote audit of supply chains to reduce the cost of compliance and competency across the sector.

Trusted by brands across the globe since 1996

What Our Customers Say

"We use it in annual objectives for career progression justification. We run somebody's experience against the profile that we're promoting them to demonstrate that they are suitable for that position. The system is very good for auditing purposes. It allows us to put people in teams, assess them as teams and demonstrate that within the team the competency required exists."
Senior Manager D&C Engineering, CNOOC
Senior Manager D&C Engineering, CNOOC
"If you want to give a promotion to a person, this is the tool to use."

"The system gives you scores and certification in very detailed level and helps you identify the skill gaps."

"It was useful because we know we have a list of things that I can do to fill the gaps and what I can put in my development plan."
Well Engineering Manager, Sasol
Well Engineering Manager, Sasol
“We didn't understand what was underpinning our gender pay gap until we used Sysmax systems.”
Global Energy Company
Vice President
“Sysmax achieves what five of our existing tools do and does it better than all of them.”
Major Renewable Energy Company
Head of Safety
“We are required to prove compliance and competency to regulatory and internal auditors regularly. Sysmax has ensured we passed multiple audits with ease.”
Major Oil & Gas Company
Engineering Manager
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