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Proving Competency Keeps Employees Engaged And Rewarded

For people working in most industries, being able to prove that they have the competency to do their job is vital. Not only will it give them more job satisfaction, it’ll help them develop and grow as individuals and in their careers. And for operations directors, it’s essential to make sure that they have the right mix of skills, knowledge and experience across their organisation. We caught up with Sysmax CEO Peter McAteer to have a closer look at how one of our products, Casmax, can benefit both individuals and organisations.

How Casmax works

Casmax provides a four-dimensional view of an individual. It looks at core technical activity statements, business process experience, confidence, and the last time a task was performed. By focusing on individual competency, it highlights anomalies between the different dimensions. For instance, if skills experience and confidence levels don’t match, an algorithm notifies the user of the data anomaly. It then guides them towards opportunities to improve their profile before they submit their answers to their supervisor for approval.

“Never underestimate how important it is for an individual to be able to show their competency and have it recognised. I refer to it as the second most important in a person’s life. Only their family is more important to them. Take away their competencies and you rob them of their ability to take care of their family.” Peter McAteer, CEO, Sysmax

And making sure that an individual’s level of skills and experience match up will help them to get the most out of their job.

The process is streamlined and so reduces costs and the burden on the management team, while also improving relationships in the workplace by using persona agnostic analytics. Casmax allows supervisors to take a view across their team. And across a whole company, it can analyze how different skillsets match up with organisational needs. This gives a level of sophistication and complexity which other products can’t offer.

Getting the right message across to individuals

As Peter goes on to say, it’s vital for employers to communicate to individuals why they’re assessing and managing competency.

“Casmax isn’t about Big Brother watching and judging you. It’s about identifying and demonstrating individual strengths, and where that employee can hone their skills further through comprehensive development plans.”

The real advantage is that it places ownership of competency in the hands of the individual. They can see where their skills and experience match up and support each other, as well as identifying areas where they have opportunities to learn. Also, it ensures that the process is based on the individual, and not their relationship with their supervisor.

“This is a tool that has nothing to do with proving who should be promoted, hired and fired. It’s to do with individuals proving their competency so that they can develop their skills. It’s is like opening the curtains on a sunny day; it shines a light on capabilities. Being able to compare themselves against other relevant positions means they can see how they can progress within the company”

Motivating and encouraging people to do their job better

It’s also possible to use links to map demographic data held by Human Resources departments against Casmax data. (Of course, we are always aware of data protection requirements, and our clients would always undertake all such exercises within the confines of GDPR). One of our clients, a well-known company operating globally, has been mapping such datasets for various teams across their organisation, with interesting results. A key finding supported a behavioral science observation about gender differences in the workplace. By linking Casmax data to career progression they found that women on average tended to underestimate their competency. Similarly, the product could be used to help encourage diversity and better understanding within the working environment.

Once again, this provides organisations with opportunities to motivate and encourage staff. Casmax can be a great tool for mentoring and coaching individuals by identifying areas for improvement and development. Motivating individuals to be the best that they can be in their jobs will have great advantages for companies. But by being able to take a view across a team, business unit or a whole company, senior management can also take stock of the bigger picture. And across industry, that can only serve to raise standards across the board.

Read the full case study here 

Contact one of the team today to find out more about Casmax and how competency assessment and management can help you make the most out of your human resources.


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Post by Marc Bates, Head of marketing, Sysmax

Marc leads the marketing and communication strategy at Sysmax and oversees the development of our website. Marc’s focus is on demonstrating the rich history of the Sysmax team, and how together they have developed products that resolve real-world issues for businesses, improving performance and reducing risks.



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