Measuring What Matters Most

Sawmax is an online Simulation / Testing / Certification / Training system that uses real-life scenarios and multiple-choice questions to evaluate, certify and improve competence using targeted eLearning.


Sawmax enables you to see how candidates react to real world situations as they unfold.  This allows you to test current knowledge and to identify any weaknesses and automatically direct the person to eLearning.


Sawmax uses gamification techniques to drive performance improvement throughout the organisation. Encouraging the individual to improve in a gaming experience that challenges them and maintains focus on key areas underpinning stakeholder value and security.

Sharpen the Saw

The name Sawmax® is inspired by Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” – Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw which includes learning and self-improvement. Sawmax is designed to enable individuals to manage their own learning and self-improvement based on pinpointed assessment of strengths and weaknesses in the working environment.

The Goal

Improve performance and guard against potential errors and loss. How we achieve it:

  1. Use real-world, industry-specific scenarios in testing and certification

  2. Assess how workers think, make decisions and apply what they know

  3. Identify competence gaps and provide eLearning to address them

  4. Where appropriate certify to given standards

  5. Make visible and manageable team and individual strengths and weaknesses to empower team optimisation

  6. Monitor and report progress as improvements are made

Use in any Industry

Sawmax was originally developed to support the needs of companies who were working to reduce costs and improve safety performance. The focus of the initiative was to:

  1. Reduce NPT (non-productive time) and improve safety performance

  2. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and teams of personnel

  3. Provide online training to support performance improvement

  4. Facilitate the management of the change in demographics as the Baby Boomers retire

  5. Create a central knowledge source for competence about personnel that can be shared among members


Sawmax is best used in high risk, high impact areas where mistakes are costly or can have significant stakeholder impact.


Companies spend billions each year on mistakes that could have been avoided had they had more competent personnel and a credible means of measuring and improving competence and certifying personnel been in place.


Performance can be significantly improved by simulating past events and challenging personnel to those situations to gauge their understanding and capabilities to avoid making similar mistakes. 


The opportunities for value enhancement are very substantial.

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