Simulated testing with Sawmax

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Delivering insight into competency and driving continuous improvement.


Sawmax enables people to improve standards in their business. It evaluates, improves, and certifies an employee’s competence to perform critical tasks. The system uses real-life simulations and multiple-choice questions to test understanding and certify ability.

By completing a range of modules, team members can measure their strengths and weaknesses. The product’s adaptive learning algorithms guide them to take e-learning modules to improve abilities where they have gaps against a required standard. All of this can be conducted by the employee under their own initiative or specified by management.

Sawmax is particularly relevant in businesses where a small number of operators can have a significant impact - for example, in hazardous, complex, or infrequently performed operations. The practical insight it offers can drive performance improvement within teams and across enterprises locally and globally.

“Never underestimate how important it is for an individual to be able to prove and improve their competency, and to have it acknowledged.” Peter McAteer, CEO, Sysmax.

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Five core benefits of Sawmax


Real-world scenarios for simulations and testing.


Assess how workers think, make decisions and apply what they know.


Identify gaps in competence for individuals and across teams, and provide eLearning to address these.


Certify to corporate or accepted standards.


Monitor and report progress as improvements are made.

How Sawmax works

A lack of specific skills, at the point when those skills are most needed, can have a particularly negative effect. Sawmax is most effective in high-risk, high-impact areas where mistakes are costly or can have significant impact.

Sawmax uses gamification techniques, simulated scenarios and multiple-choice questions to show how candidates react to real-world situations as they unfold. This allows you to test current knowledge, to identify any weaknesses, and automatically direct the person to eLearning if required. By focusing on key areas, it’s possible to improve stakeholder value and business security.

Sawmax lets managers gauge capabilities across their teams.

Companies spend billions each year on mistakes that could have been avoided had they had more competent personnel and a credible means of measuring and improving competence and certifying personnel. Performance can be significantly improved by simulating events and challenging staff to evaluate scenarios, selecting the most appropriate response.

Sawmax includes agile systematic feedback to continuously improve the system. It also includes a content management system for clients to their own data.

Human Factors are built into scenarios based on client experience of past events. Testing observational skills and response to risks means that the simulations test situational awareness. This shows how well staff prioritize multiple potentially conflicting sources of information, such as safety, expressed opinions, the situational environment and the data being collated as the scenario unfolds.

Owning their own Sawmax performance profiles gives validation for people at every level. Senior staff value the ability to demonstrate their skills and expertise. For mid-level employees, it's an excellent reminder of what they have done in their careers. And it can be a reality check for recent starters as to how they can develop their skills and experience further.