Enhanced Decision Making

Productivity improvements can yield tremendous value.  They often involve risk, possibilities and ranges of potential outcomes which benefit from careful analysis.  Often this can involve groups of people covering the spectrum of skills, processes and functions in an organization.

Some decisions are difficult to make and the range of results between the best option and the worst can be enormous.  Productivity opportunities can be lost which have a considerable impact on the enterprise value.


One part of the company may have input that isn't being captured or reflected to an optimal level.  Key personnel may have a partial view of the overall picture resulting in poorer decision making and subsequent corporate performance.


The company may need to collaborate with other key people to truly capture risks and opportunities.

Value Optimization

Treemax is a modified decision tree which uses risk analysis techniques to optimize decisions and to drive productivity.  Many decisions are complex and difficult to make with different functions having varied opinions on the best way forward.


The decision trees in Treemax are collaboratively built to reflect ranges of possibilities for a number of options in order to identify the optimum solution. 


Risks and ranges of out-turns are reflected to produce probabilistic key parameters (time, cost, revenue, value, safety etc.) for each alternative strategy.


Often our clients are surprised by the outturns of Treemax analysis.  Commonly preconceived perceptions often rule decisions where Treemax analysis by collaborative teams is far more valuable.

Track Record Examples

Past Treemax projects have resulted in:

  1.  Considerable productivity gains

  2.  Performance breakthroughs

  3.  Enhanced teamwork and interrelationships

Treemax is a unique approach to examining risk and value in organizations.  Past examples have included analysis of:

  • Technical strategy direction

  • Investment decision making

  • Environmental impact

  • Option generation and comparison

The problem with static decision trees is that they don't reflect potential outcomes once the process progresses down one of the limbs of the decision tree. All other possibilities no longer exist but could have given a better subsequent outcome.  Treemax helps us understand the outcomes of all possibilities in advance, to make much better decisions.

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