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​When Regulatory Change Affects Operations, Bring In Benchmax

New standards and regulations can affect business operations, but Benchmax is on hand to help staff adapt to regulatory change.

If there’s one area where businesses have to keep up to date, it’s the regulations that they need to follow. There will be times when companies need to adapt their processes to the latest rules. The start of 2021 has seen changes in rules and regulations on both sides of the Atlantic. Leaving operations in the hands of staff means having clear guidance as to what’s changed and how to implement new standards regimes. In this blog, we’re going to investigate how our Benchmax compliance management system can help to make this a reality.

Regulatory change takes place at every level

We always like to say that regulation is far more than red tape. For many industries, compliance with regulation is a fundamental way of demonstrating their commitment to social responsibility, both as an employer and a supplier. And not following regulation to the letter can be business critical. On occasions, regulation is intensely detailed at a micro level, such as health and safety legislation or customs paperwork. At other times, it’s a broad-brush approach to meeting lofty goals to secure our planet’s very future.

As 2021 dawned, there have been a lot of change to regulations across the world. British exporters to Europe have had to get used to a substantially new way of doing business. With the changes around Brexit, many companies have had to adapt to new procedures. It may be a change in the documentation they need to process to export smoothly, or it may be a more wholesale alteration to their supply chain management system. And in the USA, the new Biden administration is taking a different attitude towards regulation than its predecessor did. Whether it’s a broader commitment to climate goals or tighter standards on emissions from fossil fuel extraction, many of these focus on energy and the environment.

Bring in Benchmax to manage changes to your processes

Sysmax products can help to ensure that companies adhere to the latest standards, rules and procedures. Take Benchmax, for instance. Every company works to a set of agreed standards and procedures. Whether those are internationally recognised, mandated by industry oversight or internally defined, it’s essential to achieve them consistently. Benchmax is the tool that helps you achieve and demonstrate your adherence to standards that regulators and trading blocs demand. The system provides your operations team with insight into the performance of people, processes, and assets against standards across the organisation.

Benchmax is customisable, so it’s adaptive to regulatory change. The content management system allows you to import relevant local or international standards. Benchmax is the digital representation of how your organisation measures up to operational standards. When regulations do change, due to international treaty or administrative order, it’s essential to achieve the changes consistently. Benchmax provides the assurance that your teams are achieving new standards 24/7 across your entire enterprise. With access levels for workers, admin staff, verifiers, business decision makers and external auditors, Benchmax provides a range of views to demonstrate compliance. We can’t anticipate how regulations and standards will change in the future. But we can help you adapt to them as soon as they do.

To find out more about how Benchmax can help operations and processes adapt to regulatory change, contact one of the team today.


Post by Peter McAteer

Peter is the founder and CEO of Sysmax, a market-leader in the areas of compliance, performance improvement and competency management. He has more than 35 years’ experience working with global leaders in high-risk industries such and oil and gas extraction. Peter’s focus is on driving performance improvement though analysis of business compliance and staff competency, including risk analysis, high technology engineering and value optimization. He works with clients to ensure they make the most of the opportunities inherent with the Sysmax suite of products.



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