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Why Benchmax Works For Integrating ISO Processes

It’s always important to communicate clearly that your company has a commitment to excellence. One great way of demonstrating this is by achieving ISO certification. And in order to achieve this year-on-year, it’s vital to integrate ISO processes into your everyday workflows. That’s something that Sysmax products can help you to do. In this blog, we take a closer look at how Benchmax integrates ISO processes into your operations.

What ISOs are – and how they can help you shape your business

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has various accreditations that set the international standard in your industry. Some common standards include ISO 9001, used to demonstrate a commitment to overall quality management. Of particular relevance in an era of climate change, ISO 14001 helps companies to improve their environmental management. And ISO 27001 is designed to help provide security of digital information. For a full list of the most frequently used standards, see

All companies use processes to achieve their objectives; indeed, in ISO terms, a process is an activity that converts inputs into outputs. A process can be a set of interrelated or interacting activities that use inputs to deliver an intended result. Inputs and outputs may be tangible (e.g., materials, components or equipment) or intangible (e.g., data, information or knowledge). The process approach includes establishing the company’s processes to operate as an integrated and complete system. The process approach can be applied to any company management system seeking to achieve an ISO standard in its operations, regardless of type, size or complexity.

Turning processes into everyday workflows

There are generally three strands which help to achieve a more integrated approach to managing ISO processes: risk‐based thinking, adequate planning, and a systematic map of processes. Take risk‐based thinking. This is used throughout the process approach to decide how risk (positive or negative) is addressed in establishing the processes to improve process outputs and prevent undesirable results. Risks that may impact on objectives and results must be addressed by the management system. Defining the extent of process planning and controls needed (based on risk) can maintain and manage a system that inherently addresses risk and meets objectives.

By focusing on the more important (“high‐risk”) processes and their outputs, companies can improve their understanding of how different parts of their business depend on each other. They’ll achieve better use of resources and increased accountability. And ultimately, they can enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements, and increase confidence in the business as a whole.

How you can use Benchmax to implement ISO processes

Benchmax is the tool that helps you achieve and demonstrate your adherence to standards. Benchmax can break down ISO processes into achievable chunks. By integrating ISO processes into operations at every level, the system provides the assurance that your teams are reaching those standards. The system provides your operations team with insight into the performance of people, processes, and assets against standards across the enterprise. Benchmax is both scalable and can be tailored.

With access levels for workers, admin staff, verifiers, business decision-makers, and external auditors, Benchmax provides a range of views to demonstrate compliance. You can view that compliance across all business locations or drill down into regions, business functions, and individual sites. Using self-assessment and verifier grading, Benchmax provides comparative scores against specific tasks. This helps to focus improvement drives for focused training or best practice enhancement. Individual achievements are reflected in real-time, so you can see who has achieved the required compliance level. You can use this insight to map additional training exactly where it is required to improve overall scores. By seeing performance blockers and drivers on key issues, you’ll be able to resolve such problems as consistency or scheduling. And you can achieve and maintain the correct ISO certifications that demonstrate your commitment to excellence, whatever industry you’re in.

To find out more how Sysmax products can help you to achieve ISO processes within your business, contact one of the team today.


Post by Hugo Newman, Multimedia Content Developer, Sysmax

Hugo develops the media content for Sysmax and our principal products and looks after the front-end development work for Benchmax. He also created and maintains the online help material available to clients ensuring they are able to maximise the opportunities that our market-leading suite of products offer.



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