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AI Risk & Compliance Management

Over 300 International Risk Analysis and Management projects have led us to a risk breakthrough at Sysmax.  Our experience with Deepwater Horizon, (the world’s largest environmental oil spill) and other projects including several potential corporate collapses are of the highest pedigree. 

Gartner Senior Risk Analyst Comments:  

“With Sysmax AI We will look back on risk management as if we were driving from the back seat of the car.” 

Sysmax is like ChatGPTChatGPT tells you what it thinks you want read knowYou tell us where our next loss will be and how to stop it.” 

To find out why such comments were made by these global experts book a discovery call and demo with usOur secret sauce is too precious to share here. 

Ensuring the right people do things right

Empower Your
Entire Workforce

To manage risk 24/7, in any language and on any device, online and offline.

Risk management is not just for a select few in your organisation. It should be a part of every employee’s daily routine. Sysmax empowers your entire workforce, from frontline staff to C-suite executives, to actively engage in risk management. Here’s how:

User-Friendly Interface: Sysmax offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their technology expertise, can use the software effectively.

Collaborative Workspace: Create a collaborative environment where your teams can work together seamlessly. This fosters a culture of risk awareness and proactive risk management.

Customised User Roles: Assign different roles and permissions to ensure that employees have access to the information and features they need, without overwhelming them with unnecessary data.

Revolutionising how you monitor compliance across the entire production line.

From concept initiation and design, through construction and start-up to operations, it is critical to manage risk across the enterprise and its supply chain.   


Having continuous visibility into not only your organisation but also those you depend upon reduces risk and potential exposure.  Share the burden whilst reducing risk for all your stakeholders. 


Risk is not limited to the negative.  Quality improvement is about ensuring that the right people do things right.  The positive of continuous risk management is also improved quality, safety, and productivity.  Delivering more to your bottom line. 

Onboarding and upskilling
risk management at scale

Reduced our onboarding time by 80%. Provided structure, acceleration and visibility of new person
onboarding that we have never had before. (Global Supply Chain Lead at multinational food, snack & drinks corporation)

The challenge

The challenge that businesses across all sectors face is clear: How do you identify, assess, and mitigate the myriad risks that can impact your operations, reputation, and success? Risk management is no longer an option but a necessity. The challenge is:

  • Ensuring that every risk is recognised and evaluated promptly.
  • Coordinating efforts across various departments and teams.
  • Keeping up with regulatory changes and industry-specific risks.
  • Implementing proactive measures to mitigate risk before it materialises.

The solution

Sysmax offers the solution to your universal risk management challenge. Here’s how our software can help you overcome these obstacles:

  • AI Risk Identification 24/7
  • Detailed Risk Reporting
  • Adaptability to Any Sector
  • Customised Dashboards and Reports

The value of a competent workforce

Our platform captures worker and 3rd party competence & compliance to your requirements. Preventing problems arriving on site or being discovered when it is too late. Also, enabling remote audit of supply chains to reduce the cost of compliance and competency across the sector.

What Our Customers Say

“Everyone really loved it. This is our first step into digitization….moving away from the baseline Excel”

“We were able to break the training down into clear steps which meant new starts could rapidly get up to speed…Training time is reduced by 80%”
Global Food & Drink Company
Director, Global Food & Drink Company
“Does what it says. It looks good. It feels good.”
Head of Maintenance
“Excellent system. We’ve had really good feedback from all the Heads of Services and the colleagues as well.”
Head of Maintenance Ops
“Sysmax achieves what five of our existing tools do and does it better than all of them.”
Major Renewable Energy Company
Head of Safety
“We are required to prove compliance and competency to regulatory and internal auditors regularly. Sysmax has ensured we passed multiple audits with ease.”
Major Oil & Gas Company
Engineering Manager
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Case Studies

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Improving onboarding efficiency by 80%

Reducing the upskilling time by 80% enabled the production lines to keep operating at peak efficiency during the most demanding

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Global deployment of compliance & competency management in under 6 months

When it comes to competency, improvement, and compliance management, they must make optimal use of human resources across regions, divisions,

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Case Study
Neptune Energy deployed Casmax and Sawmax to prove competency for drilling operations

For new entrants into established industries, it can be essential to quickly prove that they can do the job of

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