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Sysmax presenting at NHMF 2023

Sysmax presenting at NHMF 2023

30th Jan 2023

Sysmax presenting at NHMF 2023Direct Works Pilot Project Challenges and ResultsAt the recent NHMF 2023 conference, Peter McAteer, CEO of Sysmax, requested that service and product providers collaborate with Sysmax to demonstrate compliance with Golden Thread requirements on a large scale. Several organisations have already expressed interest in joining this initiative, with plans to present the results at the NHMF 2024 conference.Peter encourages other social housing landlords, DLOs, and contractors to join this effort to share knowledge and drive efficiency. The Benchmax compliance management platform, offered by Sysmax, is the most efficient way for service and product providers in the social housing industry to comply with regulations. The platform allows for shared expertise …

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